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About Iran Ski

Iran is a popular skiing destination in the middle-east, not only for the local skiers, but also for people from around the world. The things which have made skiing in Iran popular are the high altitude of its ski resorts, the long lasting skiing seasons, and the powdery snow that can be found there.

There are a lot of ski resorts in Iran, many of which have been located in the Albors Mountains, thus near around Tehran. Among those ski resorts around Tehran, Dizin (the largest and the most popular), Shemshak, and Darbandsar are more easily accessible and have reliable facilities and equipment to hire. Other famous ski resorts in Iran are Pooladkaf , Ab-Ali, Sepidan, and Tochal. has been founded to introduce the skiing destinations in Iran and provide both skiing and combinational tour packages for those who want to travel to Iran to visit the country and/or enjoy skiing in Iran. The tour guide or the driver guide will greet you at Imam Khomeini Airport and transfer you directly to the ski resorts. Skiers will be accommodated at the ski resort hotels or lodges, or at the hotels or cottages nearby.

We give you equipped chalets with cheap price to enjoy skiing in Iran

We can also offer the skiers insurance, and skiing instructors. Skiing courses will mostly be held at the largest ski resort of Iran, Dizin.